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The coefficients for pretty much all business dummies was high to have both sexes

The coefficients for pretty much all business dummies was high to have both sexes

Marital condition have a serious effect on income of men but maybe not of females. Solitary men secure less than its married equivalents from the percent. A number of other studies have receive a similar results (e.grams., Sorensen (1990) for the You, and you will Adamchik and you will Bedi (2003) to possess Poland). The typical grounds is actually you to partnered men keeps higher connection so you can the work ily personal debt, and this marriage is actually an effective proxy to possess unmeasured features of output. The unimportant coefficient away from marital updates for ladies implies that to have feminine relationships isn’t associated with higher attachment towards the labor business.

The outcome out of ethnicity into the money is judged getting weak. On one side, new coefficient into the ethnic Albanians try bad and you may statistically extreme during the the newest independent equations both for folks therefore the gender difference in new coefficients was apparently high. As well, the brand new coefficients towards the cultural association commonly extreme regarding the pooled formula for sexes, in addition to regression picture having communications dummies suggests that discover zero factor ranging from someone towards effect of ethnicity with the money.

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